Treviso Bay Naples Commonly Asked Questions #1

I tend to get many of the same questions asked about Treviso Bay Naples.  Because of this I will be posting those questions from time to time to help you get a better understanding of this wonderful community.  This will be the first in a series of posts so make sure you check back for more.

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1.  What is the CDD on the Tax Bill?  Is that the property tax?

Answer:  The CDD is not the same as the property tax.  The CDD is on your tax bill and paid annually, but specific to the Treviso Bay master planned community.  A CDD is customary for most new communities in Southwest Florida.  It is a county bond taken for the development, utilities, roads, and infrastructure of Treviso Bay.  The CDD amount is a pro ration of the 30 year bond repayment.  It is a fixed amount.  Coach-  $1,590 per year   Exec SF-  $2,229 per year.  In addition, standard property taxes are low in Collier county which offsets CDD cost.  Only 1.25% of ASSESSED value (typically 85% of sale price).

That’s it for today.  Hope that helps with your understanding of what the CDD is for any master planned community.

Bonus question!!

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