Treviso Bay Naples FL

Arthur Hills talks about Treviso Bay Naples

Check out this video of Arthur Hills talking about Treviso Bay Naples during the initial construction of the golf course.

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Arthur Hills is one of the best golf course architects out today. He has designed some of the best golf courses in the world and is currently designing TPC at Treviso Bay. Hills came down to Naples and talked the Daily News’s Tom Hanson and Alex Adeyanju about the continuing process at Treviso Bay.

That’s what we are trying to do here is have a well conditioned golf course that’s fun to play, not an absolute back breaker and I think that’s something we’ve learned, that we don’t need to make extremely difficult courses.  We can build in plenty of challenge.  It’ll be event quality; I mean it’ll be excellent turf conditions… adequate challenge.

What if they do shoot low scores?  So what?  It’s all they’re playing each other it’s all comparative but I don’t think they’ll shoot any lower scores here than they will elsewhere on their tour.

They may have a senior tour event here one week out of one year.  What is this place here for?  It’s really here for the people that are gonna live here and play it week after week.  The people that buy here.  That’s what we’re orienting too and that’s why we’ve done twenty-some courses in Naples because people like playing them.

The next process is all the excavation and the bulk shaping of the fairways of each hole.  You look at it now it’s a bunch of random piles of dirt apparently and how it’ll evolve into something that’s very playable… it’s pretty interesting.